About Iva May

Iva MayIva May aspires to transform a generation of women so that they understand God’s Story fully and fulfill their role in that story with passion. She has served as a missionary on two continents, so her cross-cultural experience qualifies her to view women’s ministry from a unique perspective. She serves alongside her husband who is a pastor and a seminary professor, so she engages women preparing for the ministry as well as those in local churches.

Iva developed Chronological Bible Discipleship to counteract the appalling biblical illiteracy stated so well by noted author Larry Crabb, “In 2006, after knowing Jesus for a half a century, after years of active involvement in church, I realized I knew bits and pieces of Bible truth, lots of principles and lots of doctrine, but I didn’t really know the story it told.” Crabb explained the danger of not knowing God’s story,  “Without story truth, I’ll flirt with atheism, struggle with unbelief, pray without passion (except maybe anger), remain devoted to my story, and continue in hopeless addiction to myself.”

Since 2003, Iva has watched this tool transform the lives of  countless women. Many now use this tool to disciple others in local churches and on the mission field. Since 2007, Iva has partnered with Donna Gaines to extend CBD’s impact across the nation and throughout the world.

You can contact Iva at ivamay@att.net. Visit her website at www.ivamay.com.